By Occasion | Sympathy

  • botanicals: with sympathy card

    with sympathy

  • bailed

    FP001: sorry i
    bailed on you when
    something more
    interesting came up

  • facebook

    FP002: sorry i tag
    unattractive pictures
    of you on facebook
    to make myself
    look better

  • boyfriend

    FP003: sorry i
    introduced you as my
    boyfriend without
    discussing it with
    you first

  • drunk

    FP004: sorry i got
    drunk and ruined your
    fancy dinner party

  • texts

    FP005: sorry i
    intentionally ignored
    all your calls and
    texts last night

  • dessert

    FP006: sorry i
    inadvertently implied
    that you shouldn't
    have dessert

  • sorry bro

    TB004: sorry bro

  • my bad

    my bad